Safe Arbor – A Canopy of Comfort

Symmetree Safe Arbor 1
Symmetree – Safe Arbor 1
Unique Digital Print in Resin
92 x 92cm

This year has seen a confluence of movement, votes and decisions that have raised questions about how we wish to live and the quality of life we should expect. In a world of changing boundaries and allegiances we all recognise the desire to feel safe, and to have the opportunity to reside in a place where we are comfortable, welcomed and at home.

This latest series of Symmetrees asks for a little time to reflect on these desires. For those who already have it, the comfort of a home is something to cling to. For others, without the good fortune, somewhere to call home is an elusive place. For all, let’s create a canopy of comfort and relish a ‘Safe Arbor’.

Home is where the Art is

These latest large unique Symmetrees will soon be available at The SEEArt Gallery Tunbridge Wells. SEEArt represents international artists through one of the finest galleries in the South East. Susan Beumée would be happy to welcome you there. +44 (0)1892 512 365

A second home

Other editioned Symmetrees are now available at the the ArtSpring Gallery in Tonbridge. There are 18 artists with a variety of work including fine art, jewellery, glass and ceramics.

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