There are many ancient trees in and around the Weald of Kent. Like the Oak Tree at Badsell Park Farm, some are isolated within a farmed field.  Mark began an ongoing project in 2013, which to date has produced photographic, mixed media and sculptural studies. The project sets out to interpret the effects of factors like light, weather and time on the life and death of the tree.

After nearly 300 years of growth, the tree was toppled by storm Katie in the spring of 2016. This event hasn’t stopped Mark working on the project. Sections of the tree are seasoning and are being applied in the artwork. They range from charring, creating charcoal, chipping, making oak dust and sculpting.

The Symmetree work continues to develop and is being shown in a number of galleries and art fairs.

If you would like to discuss the work or representation Mark would be happy to talk.


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When not busy exhibiting, Mark holds some Symmetrees in his studio.

Symmetree Rising Sun

Symmetree Wall Hangings

Symmetree Landscapes

Symmetree 41

Symmetree Reflections

Winter Oak in the Mist - Black and White

Symmetree Black & White

Symmetree 21

 Symmetree Mandala

symmetree 63

 Symmetree Oak Cathedral’s

Symmetree 1 - SOLD

 Symmetree Originals