Tripomatic Hockney

Symmetree Tripomatic Hockney
Symmetree Tripomatic Hockney – 90x90cm

Hands Up! Who knows Hockney!

As part of the Symmetree Tripomatic series, I wanted to add a little ‘Summertime Splash’. There are a number of artists that captured this feeling including Matisse, but for me I chose David Hockney. I first came across Hockney’s work at an exhibition in the early 1980s at the Royal Academy in London. Since then I have been inspired by his ability to adapt his work across different mediums.

The appeal of ‘Endless days of summer’ is a dream many of us strive for, so to capture some of the dream I  was drawn to Hockney’s West Coast work in California. Creating Symmetree Tripomatic Hockney uses at its heart the stunning pool blue in paintings such as ‘A Bigger Splash’. For me, it’s a distilled essence of the dream. As one of his many talents, Hockney also got ‘hands on’ painting pools. He used a paintbrush on the end of a long stick to scribe blue curved abstract shapes directly onto the hard surface of the pool. These shapes acted as waves or a ripple pattern, and I’ve translated them directly into the surface of the resin.

Symmetree Tripomatic Hockney is framed and set in resin.
Size 90x90cm.
Available through Clifton Fine Art in Bristol.
+44 (0)117 239 7684

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