Look what Storm Katie did…

Downed Oak Tree - Storm Katie
Look what Storm Katie did

Storm Katie barrelled across the South of England last night, with recorded winds speeds of up 106mph.

With this kind of power, it was inevitable that Katie would claim a few victims on its way through. I’m sad to say that one of these was the ancient oak tree at Badsell Park Farm.

Some will know that for the last few years I’ve been busy capturing the oak tree in different weather conditions and using those images as part of my #Symmetree project.

Getting out in all kinds of weather day and night gives you a respect for the environment we live in. So it’s been an honour for me to have the opportunity to use this tree as study. Hopefully the images I have will act as a fitting memorial to this magnificent oak, which had a structure so large it hosted its own ecosystem.

There is now a new view across the field that the tree once stood in. The view will change through the seasons as it always does, but I’ll have the memory of what was and be able to reflect about my time spent out there, grateful for the opportunity of time well spent.

Besides posting new Symmetree work here, you can also see some of the images captured via my facebook pages at…





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