Art, Symmetrees & The Seasonal Cycle

Torn Winter Oak
Torn and Layered Winter Oak


For many people living in the northern hemisphere, this time of the year is easy to criticise. At first appearance it seems a legitimate target. Short days, howling storms, no sunshine and too many other forces of nature conspire to either make us fly away or seek shelter from the elements. Then there’s the post festivity blues that hang over us like, well, a hangover.

For me, it’s one of my favourite times of year. If you get the chance to engage with it, what the season does give you is the respect for it that it deserves. I’ve talked briefly in TwitterBlog and Facebook posts about getting out and enjoying my escapades, both with friends mountain biking and alone circling an oak tree in a muddy field, photographing it from all angles.

As far as the experience is concerned, they feel part of the same cycle. If you repeat the activities regularly enough, they become a habit. You begin to concentrate less on the activity and more on the subject or experience. The subtle differences in the repetition of the activities allow you to see the ever changing qualities which home your understanding and value of the moment.

If you have those habits in your life, take some time out to both reflect and value the moments.

PS. Can’t wait for the sunshine 🙂

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