Trending #Banksy – Maths, Criminology & Portrait Painting

Banksy Familiar Trending
Banksy Familiar Trending

Maths, Criminology & Portrait Painting

Banksy trending again and according to The Guardian British academics have used a combinations of maths, criminology and geographic profiling to back up a theory over the identity of mysterious street artist Banksy.

I’m hoping this is a good thing for my timing of the #Banksy portrait I’m currently working on. Does it help to know who it is you’re painting or are some things best left as a mystery? I know, normally that question would not make any sense but in this context we are dealing with a fairly elusive figure.

Whichever it is, the clues are out there and are bound to create more media lines to the debate over the enigma that is #Bansky.

Detail shown from a work in progress public participation painting entitled Banksy – If Graffiti Changed Anything‘.

122 x 122 cm Acrylic on Wood.


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