Banksy – If graffiti changed anything…2

Banksy - If Graffiti changed anything - Portrait Background
Banksy – If Graffiti changed anything – Portrait Background

Banksy – If graffiti changed anything…

Developing the background

After applying 2 coats of Gesso, I’ve started work on the background. I’m hoping to achieve a cracked paint effect of an old white painted wall. It’s great to splash some colour on along with darker tones which will become the cracks. The process started with a layer of broad brush stroked black and white, which felt a little like John Virtue and then moved on to colour being scraped across, as Gerhart Richter would do with a squeegee. It all then went dribbly (technical term that) with a little Pollock influence.

Why use colour?

This current layer will sit behind a layer of white. For the most part it will become hidden, which conversely means that some will show through. It will add a touch of warmth to the white. Well that’s the idea. We’ll see at the next stage how effective that is.

Please feel free to leave messages on posts and if you get a chance, when it’s ready, come along and add your painted dots.


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