Banksy – If graffiti changed anything…

Banksy - Portrait preparation
Banksy – Portrait preparation

‘If graffiti changed anything – It would be illegal’ – Banksy (see the original)

What better start for creating a portrait of the illusive Banksy could I have. A simple word play from Banksy revives an historical political slogan by questioning the power to change anything. The original quote was coined by Emma Goldman who founded ‘Mother Earth‘ an anarchist magazine from the turn of the 19th/20th century. She said ‘If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal’.

I’m changing the slogan again and asking what effect (if any) the statement has. Does it make us question or do we just admire the execution of the word play? Answers to be found on a wall, perhaps somewhere near you.

Like the ‘Churchill’s Black Dog‘ painting I’ll be documenting it’s progress. Please feel free to leave messages on posts and if you get a chance, when it’s ready, come along and add your painted dots.

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